Europees kampioenschap A Luxemburg

Lamberto Collari weer Europees kampioen

Na een spannende finale van 45 minuten is Lamberto Collari weer Europees kampioen geworden.
Gevolgd op 6 seconden door de snelle Belgische racer Ilia van Gastel.
Rick Vrielynck werd zeer knap 3e op 1,5 ronde.
The final started with some fantastic racing and the top 9 cars remained on the same lap for the first 15 minutes.
Early leaders looked to be Ilia Van Gastel and Robin D'Hondt as Dario Balestri, Robert Pietsch and Collari suffered early incidents and accidents..
However Dario and Robert were quickly back in the fight, along with Collari, as the top 5 raced nose to tail for minute after minute.
But as the race unfolded, car problems slowly started to erode the number of drivers.
Dario and Robert suffered issued and unfortunately dropped out of the race early.

This, combined with different fuel strategies from drivers shook up the running order.
Collari emerged as the victor after just 5 cars were left running at the end of the 45 minute race.. Ilia Van Gastel secured second overall, and Rick Vrielijnck took advatange of other drivers problems and his own careful driving to secure the third step on the podium.
Michele Romagnoli (pictured) finished fourth and Oliver Mack completed the drivers still running at the finish..

2011 1/8th Track EFRA Euros Final Result

1 Lamberto Collari - IT - Kyosho / Novarossi / Matrix
2 Ilia Van Gastel - BE
3 Rick Vrielijnck - NL
4 Michele Romagnoli - IT
5 Oliver Mack - DE
6 Robin D'Hondt - BE
7 Robert Pietsch - DE
8 Eric Dankel - DE
9 Dario Balestri - IT
10 Simon Kurzbuch - CH


Archive Pictures by Fabien Mannien