EC-B Monaco 1/8th scale on-road

Sunday 30-5-2010

John Ermen (Serpent/RB Nederland) werd 2e op de E.K.-B in Monaco.
Helaas is John Ermen later na de laatste technische keuring afgekeurd vanwege zijn brandstoftank.

Alberto Tedeschi has been crowned champion following an exciting race at the European 1/8th scale ‘B’ Championships in Monaco today.
With saw some tough battles in all the finals, the race finally had its 10 starters for the 45 minute main final.
The first semi finals started with a cloudy sky, but after lunchtime the sun came up and from those two races the following drivers bumped up, with both Sabrina Lechner and Maximilian Federmann coming from the quarter finals.

In the 45 minute final we saw a lot of changes in the front with pole man Lorenzi only managing to stay in front for the first 9.30 minutes.
Pitting at 5 minutes he unfortunately ran out of fuel just before the second stop.
The next driver to take over the lead was Tim Wood, who was swapping position regularly with John Ermen.
At the 25 minute mark it was Wood, Tedeschi and Ermen, but Wood would go out shortly after with a technical problem, leaving Ermen clear up front with Tedeschi.
Thanks to a slightly different pitstop strategy Tedeschi managed to create a gap and would eventually cross the finish line 3/4 of a lap in front of Ermen with Ciurlante in 3rd.
Both Tedeschi and Ermen needed 2 tire changes during the final.
Unfortunately for Ermen he was disqualified after technical inspection found that his tank was over the limit, so this gave Italy a clean sweep of the podium.
Maximilian Vogl became the fastest driver under 17 years taking the junior title having managed to finish in 20th after the semi finals.

Final results

1. Tedeschi Alberto (IT) – 178 Laps in 45:01.465
2. Ciurlante Andrea (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:01.957
3. Lorenzi Andrea (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:05.047
4. Comoglio Emanuele (MON) – 174 Laps in 45:01.711
5. Colinet Gerald (FR) – 170 Laps in 45:12.225
6. Wood Tim (GB) – 165 Laps in 45:00.588
7. Federmann Maximilian (GER) – 159 Laps in 42:14.535
8. Lechner Sabrina (GER) – 118 Laps in 45:08.517
9. Kurzbuch Simon (CH) – 97 Laps in 34:27.166
10.Ermen John (NL) – DQ

Saturday 29-5-2010

The European B Championships for 1/8th scale on road take place this week at in Monaco, at the FMM track in the hills above the principality.
Thursday evening saw the opening ceremony take place and after 4 days of free practice all the teams entered the track in their National shirts under the sound of their National Anthem.
13 Countries have come to this event with drivers from Austria, Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Russia and Monaco in attendance.

Friday morning started with a slightly clouded sky, with temperatures around 18-20 degrees, so perfect weather for making a good run and after 2 rounds of timed practice it was John Ermen out front followed by Eduardo Dulac, Christian Wimberger and Alberto Tedeschi.
The first 20 drivers were able to run 29 laps, so it would be very close racing in qualifying.
In the afternoon the temperatures went up a little bit, although it is still a little cloudy.
A few rain drops made the last part of heat number 7 a little bit slippery, so it was re-run after heat 10 so that everybody had a dry heat in round 1.
After the first round of official qualifying we had Tim Wood in first followed by fellow Serpent drivers John Ermen and Andrea Lorenzi, with Shepherd driver Simon Kurzbuch in 4th.
Not so many big changes in round 2 due to the sun coming out and clearing the sky.
The temperature also went up, so times went down a little bit.
Only a few people managed to improve their time.
In the top it was Simon Kurzbuch who also made a 30 lap run to squeeze into 2nd and so after this final round on Friday it was Tim Wood still on pole ahead of Simon Kurzbuch, John Ermen and Andrea Lorenzi.

The final two rounds of qualifying have taken place at the European 1/8th scale B Championships in Monaco.
After a wet night, the rain starting yesterday evening at about 20.00 hours, the track is dry again for round 3 of qualifying with the sky a little bit cloudy and temperatures about 20-24 degrees.
No changes at the top as the laptimes are not fast enough to drive 30 laps at the moment.
The only one coming very close in heat 10 was Andrea Lorenzi, driving 29 laps in 7.00.578.
Some clouds coming over the mountains during round 4 lowered the temperatures, so faster times were possible in the last heats.
In the final heat 10 Andrea Lorenzi managed to do 30 laps again, but now in 7.11.141 to claim the pole position for tomorrow’s finals followed by Tim Wood, Simon Kurzbuch and John Ermen.

1. Lorenzi Andrea (IT) – 30 Laps in 7:11.141 [Serpent]
2. Wood Tim (GB) – 30 Laps in 7:12.939 [Serpent]
3. Kurzbuch Simon (CH) – 30 Laps in 7:13.302 [Velox]
4. Ermen John (NL) – 30 Laps in 7:13.678 [Serpent]
5. Sting Philip (GER) – 29 Laps in 7:01.583 [Mugen]
6. Comoglio Emanuele (MON) – 29 Laps in 7:01.753
7. Colinet Gerald (FR) – 29 Laps in 7:03.231
8. Du Lac Eduardo (PT) – 29 Laps in 7:03.519 [Velox]
9. Riccobono Stephane (FR) – 29 Laps in 7:03.903 [Serpent]
10.Tedeschi Alberto (IT) – 29 Laps in 7:04.254 [Serpent>

The lower finals started at 15:00 and the weather is still ok, but sun and clouds make a difference in lap times however for the finals this should be not a problem anymore.


Het Podium

John Ermen

Archive Pictures by Fabien Mannien