JP eagle R9 on-road 9 poorts

JP R9 Eagle on-road

We hebben 6 motoren kunnen verkrijgen van het type JP R9 Eagle.
Hieronder staan alle specificaties van deze motor.
Richtprijs voor dit type motor is 399 euro!

The FX 21 Eagle R9.s is the latest development of Eagle engines On-Road.
The crankshaft is a 14.5mm diameter for more stiffness.
Its sleeve has endowed 9 ports with a machined piston alloy content of high silicon percentage.
This new piston sleeve has been studied for combining performance, fuel consumption and longevity.
It has high-speed bearings and a hybrid main bearing with ceramic balls to endure very high RPM.
This engine is designed for chassis Track 1/8.
The R9.s Eagle engine is coming with innovative modifications to ensure peak performance.

Technical Data Eagle 21 R-9S C.

Capacity : 3,49 cc
Bore : 16,26 mm
Stroke : 16,80 mm
Ports : 9
Crankshaft : 14,5 mm
Carburetor : 8,5 mm + reducer
Glow Plugs : Turbo
Rear bearing : Ceramic
Weight : 334 gr

Black Crankcase

The Eagle 21 R-9 Black version has endowed in crankcase at any point comparable to other FX Engine.
The quality of crankcase has been revised for a crankshaft 14.5mm and provide the Eagle 21 R-9 Black a very high level of performance.
The rear cover has been redesigned to reduce the dead volume of the bottom crankcase.
The lowest volume increases crankcase depression and increases the speed of gas.
This Black crankcase is, as on all crankcases modified JP Racing, the label of the JP brand and its identity since 20 years.


The Eagle 21 R-9S's cylinder head is endowed with 7 cooling ribs.
Its shape and size are designed for optimum cooling and its getting down the center of gravity of the engine.

Under head Turbo

The under head is specific to Turbo in Eagle engine and it has been tested and researched for a longtime to end optimize compression and holding glow plug in racing.
Its length important entering the sleeve allows maximum tight without deformation of the sleeve.
Its large insert allows an optimal cooling with the cylinder head.

WARNING: It is very important to use only a Novarossi Glow Plug for this engine.
Only this Glow Plug is perfectly adapted with this insert.
The use of other brands can make the engine instable and damage the insert and the piston sleeve.

9 ports ABC Sleeve

This piston sleeve has ABC 9 ports is designed to provide optimum performance.
The new arrangement allows ports to optimize performance and consumption by optimizing the gas flow.
The piston is CNC machined in a highly charged alloy silicon.
The piston is endowed with 2 holes to cool the upper part of the engine.
The conrod is R7 type is the last generation conrod is lightened with 2 bushings.

Every piston sleeve set are fine tuned for optimum timing and better gas flow compared to Stock version.
Each piston and sleeve manually fixed to check optimum tightening and best compression.

Turbo Crankshaft

The crankshaft of the Eagle 21 R-9S is increased to 14.5mm is to be stiffer.
The shaft is machined to increase acceleration and reduce fuel consumption.
The HardBlack coating on crankshaft avoids the problems of friction and wearing.
Like all the Eagle line, the crankshaft is HardBlack coated, a red putty, used for over 20 years on JP Racing engines, is placed in designed hole to improve gas flow.
The diameter of the crankshaft for the same reasons.
Like the piston sleeve set, each shaft is fine tuned for optimum timing and better gas flow compared to Stock version.

WARNING: Do not put the shaft inside solvent or gasoline for cleaning.
This liquides are able to damage the red dough.

Ceramic Main Bearing

This hybrid main bearing used for the Eagle R-9S allows very high RPM.
Due to the low density of the ceramic balls, the pressure on the cages is minimum and won't slows down the rotation of the moving parts when RPM are increasing.
The main bearing's internal hole is 14,5mm as like the shaft.


The 9mm carburetor has an aluminum body to receive interchangeable reducer.
This carburetor comes with a 8.5 mm reducer.
As on all JP Engines the idle setting is limited on a single screw to adjust even easier and user friendly.
This carburetor has already proved its worth and confer with this engine a great stability setting and excellent performance.


Archive Pictures by Fabien Mannien