Motoren 2005

RB Concept C5 RODY


The line-up of RB Concept World Champion competition engines has been enhanced with the release of the new Rody Roem tuned 1005-C, the successor to the highly successful previous version.
This engine is designed specifically for on-road use, with loads of power generated by the latest technologies.
The 01005-RC engine features a newly developed 8-port sleeve (including our world famous M.E.S.), a new forged and redesigned piston, a newly designed and selected combustion chamber, a new hybrid main bearing, a new front bearing, all smartly presented in a stylish black crankcase with a newly designed cooling head.
This engine represents the results of years of intensive research and personal track testing by former World Champion Rody Roem to ensure this 01005-RC engine provides the ultimate in power and performance!

Technical Data

Reference : 01005-RC
Contents : 3.49 cc
Bore : 16.22 mm
Stroke : 16.80 mm
Porting intake : 8+2
Porting exhaust : 3
Crankshaft : SPT/SG 14 mm Bi-Turbo Balanced
Carburetor : Slide Aluminium 9 mm with Venturi 8.5mm
Glowplug : Turbo #01050-7
Weight : 326 Gr.
Pull start : No
Use: Circuit

The stylish new black crankcase of the 01005-RC engine is light yet strong to develop maximum performance while maintaining thermal stability.
The design of this crankcase was based on these criteria, and the molding of the special aluminum composition crankcase is accomplished using a special vacuum process to avoid the formation of internal air cavities.
As designed by Rody Roem, weight has been kept to a minimum and extra fins are visible on the bottom of the crankcase for additional cooling.

In combination with the newly designed 8-port sleeve, modified angles of the side booster ports improve the acceleration and optimize the fuel mixture in that area of the crankcase and further revisions to the exhaust flows inside increase engine low rpm range torque.
Despite the impressive horsepower available at all rpm’s, the RB Concept 1005-RC engine provides very desirable fuel consumption!

The newly redesigned piston and sleeve is of the tested and proven ABC type, and the sleeve features 8 intake ports, 2 bypass ports and 3 exhaust ports (our famous M.E.S. or Multi Exhaust System).
This sleeve is specially enhanced for the revised porting of the new 1005-RC crankcase and extensive hand modifications have been performed for maximum power production.
The newly designed piston is now forged to make it stronger and more stable against the tremendous stresses it faces in competition.
Since we have found that the correct fit between the sleeve and the combustion chamber is as important as the fit between the piston and sleeve, a special and critical selection process ensures the optimum fit of the piston, sleeve, and combustion chamber, and the quality and finish of this complete set is certain to obtain the best performances and a long life!

The RB Concept connecting rod is manufactured from high quality, ultra sound checked aluminum and features 2 special bronze bushings inserted and secured using the latest technologies available.
The aerodynamic shape has been developed to obtain improved internal gas flow and a small groove is machined for better lubrication, performance and reliability.

The crankshaft of the 1005-RC is based on the original balanced Bi-Turbo C5 crankshaft, and to optimize it we have added our world famous, ultra resistant low friction “RB Concept Coating” in combination with specially modified intake timing and super polished finish.
This crankshaft is a key component of the secret of a usable rpm power range and engine balance.

This unique hybrid combination of ceramic and steel balls has been selected for the main bearing in the new 1005-RC engine.
The ceramic balls significantly reduce the rotating weight and resistance for maximum acceleration and power generation, and the steel balls minimize any possible vibrations and also have a polishing effect to keep the bearing in top shape

The redesigned cooling head of the new 1005-RC engine now proudly features the “C5” inscription as well as the now famous “Rody” signature, as befitting this specially tuned engine. The diameter remains 50mm, although additional notches have been added so the engine can be easily removed from its engine mounts when mounted in the car. This system is now used by most of the top drivers to avoid repositioning the engine after maintenance and cleaning.

RB Concept carburetors are famous for stability and easy adjustment, and are designed to achieve the best performance with minimum effort.
This 9mm carburetor is precision machined from aluminum and is supplied with an 8.5mm venture installed, although 7, 8 or 9mm inserts can also be used to change the power band of the 1005-RC engine.

The “turbo” glow plug supplied with this 1005-RC engine is specially designed for top competition on-road use, and is recognized to be very durable.


Archive Pictures by Fabien Mannien